Sunday, 6 January 2008

06.01.07: Dinner Party

Dinner for four tonite, starting with the refreshing Christmas Salad from Cook with Jamie, where creamy fresh mozzarella takes on prosciutto, sliced clementines, lightly dressed watercress and radicchio, etc topped with shavings of parmesan.

On to a hearty favourite He makes, the Red Prawn and Mango Curry from Nigella Express, with sweet potato and butternut squash rounding out the flavours (and filling in the corners), served over jasmine brown rice.

Finally, the main event: sweet-tart Margarita Ice Cream (Nigella again), finished with lime zest and salted rims.

SHE SAYS: Delicious mix of crunch and creamy, salt and citrus in the salad; excellent balance of sweet with spicy and all-round soothing goodness in the curry; and the ice cream was so rich and tangy, far more luxurious than a store-bought treat.

HE SAYS: Thought curry was going to be too salty, but the mango offset that effect nicely. Salad was well-balanced, and the ice cream was indulgently delicious.

THEY SAY: Wow, thanks for that! Really enjoyed everything, liked the generous amount of mozzarella in the salad, curry was very tasty, and the cream's texture was like flaked chocolate, not what you'd expect, very good.

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