Thursday, 31 January 2008

31.01.08: Seafood lasagne and a treat

Defrosted the leftover seafood lasagne and plunked some spinach and radish salad on the plate.

SHE SAYS: Really not nearly as good as when first we had it. A few bites were decidedly icky. If I made this again, I'd make a smaller batch so we could eat it all up in one go.

HE SAYS: Enjoyable, but better fresh than frozen, unlike regular lasagne, which freezes very well.

Plus a special tea treat: ho-made banana bread!

SHE SAYS: This smells divine and tastes even better. I added orange zest (His inspiration), which gives it a nice hint of citrus, but even without it would be gorgeous. And so easy - mixing it up took maybe 10 mins.

HE SAYS: Smelled very good even before it came out of the oven. A fantastic way to use up our overripe bananas (instead of chucking them).


Pixie said...

Have a few recipes on my blog for leftover bananas; soon to be blogging an icecream one if it's a success!

N+D said...

mmm, fresh banana ice cream! will look out for that.