Sunday, 27 January 2008

27.01.08: Out to Giraffe

Early pit stop with B+G+C after trawling Spitalfields and Sunday Upmarket.

Shared halves of 'Mexican' chicken and chorizo burger, Deluxe falafel burger with halloumi cheese and harissa, and chips.

HE SAYS: Not a bad meal. Enjoyed the company. Halloumi in the falafel burger was a nice touch, and I enjoyed dipping my chips into the harissa. Overall, nothing spectacular but not dreadful, either.

SHE SAYS: The company was the best part. Chips were crisp and fluffy, nice treat. Chicken burger was overwhelmed with cloying corn relish and other sweet sauces. Decent option for a child-friendly restaurant. Thanks to B+G+C for a fine day out.

And a couple of hours later, a top up of miso soup (made from the paste, not a powder packet), with spinach.

HE SAYS: Mmmmm. Tasty umami flavour. I much prefer white miso to the darker, barley variety.

SHE SAYS: Soothing, just what I wanted to wind down on a Sunday. I prefer white miso to barley, too, but sometimes in deep winter the more robust barley flavour can tempt me...

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