Saturday, 26 January 2008

26.01.08: Posh crab curry

He decided to splash out on this Southern Indian Crab Curry recipe from Cook with Jamie, which includes both brown and white fresh crabmeat plus some divinely fragrant spices. Sideline: cucumber, radish and mixed greens salad.

SHE SAYS: Creamy and thick and packed with luxurious crab. Lots of spice, yet somehow subtle. I can see why Pixie says it's fine to make with tinned crab, as the crab contributes much more to texture than flavour. Taste tests of picked crab from the fishmongers and prepared crab from Tesco were telling: the first was noticeably sweet and the second was bland (though quite fresh).

HE SAYS: I used three chilies, but I think two is enough; the heat tended to overpower the subtle crab flavour. Texture was very nice, but I had to reduce the liquid for a lot longer than Jamie's recipe stated to get it down to 'double cream' consistency. Not bad for a first go.

Decided to revisit some of the margarita ice cream a little while later.

SHE SAYS: Mmmm! It's kept well. Nice boozy treat.

HE SAYS: A fine indulgence - smooth and tangy.


Pixie said...

Well done on your first go! Am glad you enjoyed it.

now, is he or she the american?

N+D said...

Thanks! It was nice for lunch a few days later too, may have even improved.

She's the Yank. ;o)

Pixie said...

Yeah! If she ever wants to chat or moan feel free to write to me at pix4bu(at)yahoo(dot)com.