Tuesday, 8 January 2008

08.01.08: Lemon chicken

He put together this great set-it-and-forget-it-style* standby from Real Simple magazine: skin-on chicken breasts with garlicky green beans, lemon slices, and roast anya potatoes (still have some of those left). Slight variation tonite: some leftover butternut squash and sweet potato cubes. On the side: simple salad with avocado.

SHE SAYS: Oo, I'm so full. Anya potatoes much better roasted than fried. Nice juicy chicken, and good crispiness outside. Green beans had good crunch. Interesting discovery: butternut squash tastes good with avo. Who knew?

HE SAYS: A little too much olive oil, I thought. The lemons were okay, but not as jammy as usual. Enjoyed the squash add-on.

*We don't own a s.i.a.f.i. rotisserie. It's just an unbeatable expression for convenience cooking!

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