Friday, 4 January 2008

04.01.07: Out to Angelo's

Angelo's is our only neighborhood Italian restaurant worth the walk. The food is only so-so, but they specialise in atmosphere, and when Mr Angelo himself is working the front of the house, you might even get free tiramisu. We were going to indulge in a pepperoni pizza, but it was 'finished'.

SHE SAYS: My chicken risotto Milanese was good and creamy, but I always think they put in too much saffron. Higher on quantity than quality, but I was just happy to be at Angelo's on a Friday nite.

HE SAYS: Had spaghetti vongole, which was tasty enough, but I really had my taste buds set for pizza, which is unusual - we rarely opt for pizza anymore (usually the crust is too thick and doughy everywhere you go around here).

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