Sunday, 20 January 2008

19.01.08: Out to Carnevale

Out with friends to Carnevale, a cosy, hidden vegetarian gem in the City (recommended by lechatlunatique). Service in the small dining area was friendly and attentive without being intrusive - they let us sit on the table for 3.5 hours. It was a good dinner to linger over...

Shared starter of butternut squash ravioli with lentils.

HE SAYS: Yummy!

SHE SAYS: Nice! Creamy squash, and the lentils were tender and tasty.

Potato cakes with fennel, basil and lemon, accompanied by ratatouille and rocket salad (same choice of main for both).

HE SAYS: Light for a potato cake, which was good. Delicate flavour.

SHE SAYS: Fresh, filling, and just about perfect. Went down a treat with the organic house white.

Shared dessert of warm apple and pear crumble with elderflower custard.

HE SAYS: Not your grandma's apple crumble, dawlin'! A modern and tasty twist on an old fave. I ate my portion quickly so I could slyly cadge some of Hers.

SHE SAYS: The 'custard' was more like a thin cream, but other than that it was a swell ending to a truly delishy meal and a lovely nite out. Thanks, C+M!

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