Sunday, 20 January 2008

18.01.08: Out to The Prince Albert Pub

This had 'mistake' written all over it, in four different typefaces on the menu cover alone. I can only assume we were weak with hunger and tired of plodding about in the drizzle to cave in to pub Thai food.

SHE SAYS: Chicken Pad Thai is normally the thing that can't go wrong in even the grimmest Thai establishment, but this tasted like gym socks. And what was that bizarre lattice on top?? We're guessing egg or batter, but tentative tastes proved inconclusive. Gave up after eating 1/3 (hungry).

HE SAYS: I was starving, which led me to think my Prawn Pad Siew was not so bad. Very heavy on the salt and light on authentic (any?) Thai flavour. Should've gone for the fish 'n' chips, another contender that nite. Oh well...

A toasty bagel with avo and salad made up for the Pad Thai quite nicely. Is it any wonder we eat at home most of the time?

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