Monday, 21 January 2008

21.01.08: Grilled chops and veg

Grilled trimmed lambchops, baked carrots, and red cabbage, with ALT salad on the side (avocado, lettuce, tomato). Super easy and quick, since She marinated the chops and baked the carrots with olive oil, thyme, red wine vinegar and garlic the day before (and yes, we're still digging into the stash of red cabbage He made weeks ago).

SHE SAYS: Filling and tasty; like the way we have almost every primary colour in this dinner! I have three truly fab carrot recipes now: this one from Cook with Jamie, one from Eating Well, and the carrot salad from Medina Kitchen. Mmmmm...carrots...

HE SAYS: Lambchops were nice and tender, red cabbage again very good; the carrots were another welcome new addition.

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