Friday, 1 February 2008

01.02.08: Scallop and bacon pasta

An improvised Friday nite special: He topped the trofie pasta with scallops, a lone piece of bacon from the fridge, portobello mushrooms, canned chopped tomatoes, butter beans, some sun-dried tomato puree, and fresh parsely.

HE SAYS: Pasta was a little overcooked, but the sauce was very satisfying. Agree with Her that the scallops didn't add that much, think I'll stick to prawns for this dish. A very quick and easy meal to make on a Friday nite.

SHE SAYS: Tasty and satisfying, nice intensity of flavour in the sauce. Could have done without the formerly frozen scallops - not bad, just not great. It was good to try them, but I think with scallops fresh is distinctly better. I like the trofie pasta a lot.

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