Sunday, 10 February 2008

09.02.08: Out to Mildred's

Soho's vegetarian gem, and a rare find (many thanks to our pal Elspeth), though not quite as hidden as Carnevale: we plumped for dinner at Mildred's after a day of West End retail therapy. (Note: our undercover restaurant photography doesn't do the food justice!)

Thai green curry with fluffy fried tofu and coconut milk, garnished with crunchy-fresh beansprouts and carrots.

HE SAYS: Very nice, a fragrant and yummy dish. Bit jealous of Her entree, though.

The pinto-bean burrito with guacamole, gouda cheese and creme fraiche, plus salad with apple-mint dressing.

SHE SAYS: Divine. The burrito was smoky and gooey and velvety, perfectly paired with the cool, tangy salad. I heart Mildred's.

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