Tuesday, 26 February 2008

26.02.08: Salmon, potatoes, and red cabbage

Simple salmon grilled with olive oil and salt, pan-fried Charlotte potatoes with rosemary, and the highly reliable red cabbage (only two portions left in the freezer, more's the pity).

HE SAYS: I thought the salmon was cooked perfectly and simply, and the potatoes were delish with the added rosemary. Red cabbage ain't failed me yet.

SHE SAYS: Using up some leftover rosemary gave the potatoes a nice lift. Although Charlotte potatoes are promoted mostly for salads, they browned up crispy on the outside and stayed velvety on the inside after lots of dutiful sauteeing in a touch of peanut oil. Salmon had a good, clean flavour, and the red cabbage was as divine as ever.

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