Monday, 11 February 2008

11.02.08: Red prawn and mango curry

She made our favourite Nigella curry recipe tonite, and quickly stir-fried a bag of cut-price fancy veg to fill in the corners as only a little jasmine rice was left over from last nite to soak up the spicy sauce.

HE SAYS: The prawns were cooked perfectly, still a little tender. Enjoyed having the extra veg instead of more rice. Still one of my fave meals.

SHE SAYS: Perfect Monday nite food, quick and extremely tasy. I can't really get tired of this one since it gives so much and asks so little.


Kim said...

Well hello there - I'm so glad you dropped by and am so glad to have found you guys - love the idea too, it would definitely push the effort in terms of dinner ideas.

That curry is fab isn't it. As I said at my place, I am not one for cooking with fruits in savoury dishes and my adoration for Nigella was the only reason I did try it, but oh how glad I am that I did.

N+D said...

Many thanks! We love Nigella Express, but Ramsay's Fast Food is about to give her some competition in our household. Think you might try a nice tagine with apricots and prunes now? ;o)