Thursday, 21 February 2008

20.2.08: Lemon & pepper chicken fillets w/Moroccan sweet potato salad

She made pan-roasted M&S Lemon & Pepper chicken fillets with red cabbage (3 more to go!) and Moroccan sweet potato salad from The art of simple food plus a Piquant sauce from Ramsey's fast food.

HE SAYS: The bread-crumbed chicken cutlets turned out crispy and were a swift replacement for Tesco pork chops which despite being well within their sale by date when cooked smelled and tasted off and were binned in favour of the quick and easy cutlets. Thankfully no pan juices were added to the sauce and it turned out to be a nice dinner anyway. The new addition for the evening - the sweet potato salad was sweet, zesty and yummy and was a perfect companion to the tart, tangy red cabbage.

SHE SAYS: What he says plus boycott Tesco's fish and meat.

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