Tuesday, 12 February 2008

12.02.08: Baked pork chops and polenta

This was one of those dinners where all the different elements complemented each other really well: Baked pork chops with a piquant sauce from Ramsay's Fast Food, quick-cook polenta with parmesan stirred in, and a leafy salad with avo and cucumber.

HE SAYS: I thought the pork was tasty with the tomato-based sauce, but the polenta was the best thing on the plate. Haven't had it for a while, forgot how much I enjoyed it. Makes a nice alternative to rice. Think I'll choose thinner pork chops next time.

SHE SAYS: Would def. make this again - even though you have to bake, saute, and boil, there's very little prep, and it all goes pretty fast. The sauce was a perfect mixer for the polenta, and made for a fairly healthy way to enjoy pork chops. Really glad I thought of doing polenta last nite!

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