Monday, 4 February 2008

04.01.08: Salmon, veg, and mash

A worthy supper: the fancy veg returns, sauteed in wok oil and tossed with a spoonful of newly ho-made harissa. It's doing veg duty with a mash of anya potatoes (finally finished those), and some salmon grilled with a touch of olive oil and a spice rub.

SHE SAYS: Perfectly wholesome, tasty enough, and filling. Harissa makes anything moreish. The anyas mashed up good and fluffy.

HE SAYS: What she said.

PS: N+D are pleased as a rum punch that dinner4deux is now on The Foodie Blogroll. It's a fun way to discover and be discovered by people who like to share their passion for food and cooking. If you have a food-centric blog, go see and sign up.

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