Sunday, 17 February 2008

16.02.08: Cereal and miso soup

We made ourselves a little sick chomping down on deep-fried tortilla chips and spinach-artichoke dip at the Kensington Whole Foods (overpriced, overhyped and over here). It was meant to be a snack to tide us over, but the resulting ick-bloat put a real dinner out of the question. She had some of her new Rude Health spelt flakes cereal with yoghurt and sultanas, and he had a soothing miso soup with spinach. Later we had some some baguette slices with olive oil and salt, plus remainder of the dip (we never learn).

HE SAYS: I really enjoyed the spinach-artichoke dip from Whole Foods, probably too much, as I felt sick all the way home. But after the miso, in a couple of hours I was ready for more, only this time with the fresh-baked baguette.

SHE SAYS: I second the sickie feeling, but those chips were sooo good. My cereal was greatly improved by a handful of sultanas - when they say 'trace' of sugar, they're not kidding. But the yoghurt soothed my tummy enough for some v. enjoyable baguette-dipping later.

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