Thursday, 7 February 2008

07.02.08: Lamb cutlets with kale and cauliflower

Nice veg: Cauliflower sauteed according to an Alice Waters recipe, with garlic, cumin, turmeric, and fresh coriander; kale boiled with onions and liquid smoke; no-fat lamb cutlets grilled with a spice rub; and a lively salad of radish, conference pear, mixed leaves, and finely chopped preserved lemon.

HE SAYS: Not too keen on the lamb cutlets, but thought the cauliflower was a hit, and I liked the greens with a little liquid smoke. Also enjoyed the salad with the nice 'n' salty preserved lemons. And with my favourite, radishes, what's not to like?

SHE SAYS: Agree the lamb was tough and tasteless, despite quick grilling - nonfat is not the way to go. Liked the cauliflower immensely, looking forward to exploring more of Alice's book, The Art of Simple Food. Greens were subtle but not boring, and the lemony salad combined sharp and sweet nicely.

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