Saturday, 23 February 2008

22.02.08: Out to the Sheesh

Friday night out (with His brother and bro's fiancee) at our award-winning and favourite local curry house, Sheesh Mahal. The Sheesh is fancy in decor and strong on service, but it's the deep, smoky flavours that keep us coming back. We ordered for the table: King Prawn Saag, Saag Paneer, Chana Bhajee, Saag Aloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rezalla, 2 pilau rice, and one garlic naan.

HE SAYS: The Sheesh rarely lets us down. With so many Indian restaurants around here, they have to work to stand out, and they really do. The saag paneer is always fantastically creamy, and the chicken tikka masala is far better than the typical overly sweet and under-spiced fare found at your average British curry house. With a pint or 2 of Kingfisher, it was a lovely ruby!

SHE SAYS: The chana bhajee here is the most deliciously smoky and savoury I've ever had - so many places make it far too tomatoey and sweet. However, after many tastings of Sheesh's saag paneer, I must regretfully admit I think it's way too sweet, though like Him I adore the creaminess. The star dish was a new one for us: the lamb rezalla. Spicy, tangy and satisfying, it's more of a dry curry, and perfectly complements the creamier dishes we love to indulge in.

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