Saturday, 2 February 2008

02.02.08: White bnz, chorizo and rocket

A cosy Saturday nite solution: chorizo and haricot beans cooked up in a pan with onions and rocket, then simmered in chicken stock with dried thyme, bay leaf and black pepper until nice and creamy. Served over rice, topped with parsley, and accompanied by spinach, radish and avo salad.


HE SAYS: Chorizo wasn't as intense as I expected, but it was still a very nice,
satisfying cold-weather dish.


Miss Information said...

OK, is there Rocket in the states? Is this your UK name for arugula or something? (like the way you Brits say "courgette" for zucchini?)

N+D said...

Hey there,

Yep, exactly, rocket = arugula. They sell it more cheaply than at home (N.O. anyway), and less preciously, by which I mean rocket is sold as salad leaves, not as an herby add-on. In N.O., I almost never bought arugula even though I love the spicy kick, b/c those dainty bundles were priced like the going rate for gold! ;o)

Do you find it's reasonably affordable where you are?