Tuesday, 19 February 2008

19.02.08: Magic lentils and squeaky cheese

The classic coconut dal and rice pals up with a newcomer salad featuring grilled halloumi cheese, fancy French breakfast radishes, rocket, and cucumber. A ho-made dressing of lemon 'n' lime marmalade, olive oil, basil, lime juice, salt 'n' pepper and dried red pepper flakes did its best to provide a sweet and sour contrast.

SHE SAYS: Grilled halloumi is so incredibly delicious with its intense salty-mint flavour, I could just have it on its own. The dal was good, but our new curry powder made it sweeter and not as delicately tasty as usual. My new dressing was sweet and sharp, but not quite as zesty as I'd hoped. Oh, and there's no sense buying Waitrose fancy radishes - they're no spicier than cheapy Tesco ones.

HE SAYS: Halloumi salad was great. The squeaky cheese is one of my faves - as She says, it's so deliciously salty. The coconut dal was also delish, but I agree with Her about the curry powder.

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