Sunday, 10 February 2008

10.02.08: Crispy duck and choi sum

An old fave: Crispy duck rubbed with salt, coated in five-spice powder, and cooked on low heat for a few hours, served with hot and sweet ho-made plum sauce, both from Jamie's Dinners. Market-fresh choi sum greens simply boiled with ginger slices a la Won Kei and served over jasmine rice coolly complement the rich flavours.

SHE SAYS: I could spoon the plum sauce straight from the pot all day. The crunchy duck skin was heavenly, but some of the meat was a little tough. No matter - good excuse to shlup more sauce! But I'm most pleased with the choi sum we picked up from Seewoo, which was incredibly fresh and tasted just like what we get at Won Kei.

HE SAYS: Mmmm! Nice crispy duck with fantastic plum sauce, the star of the meal. I had three servings - feeling a little duck-ed out now. The Chinese greens were simple, but great. Two thumbs up.

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