Sunday, 3 February 2008

03.02.08: Lamb tagine and Slatit fjill

An extremely comforting way to end the week: velvety lamb tagine over couscous. This comes from an Anthony Worrall Thompson recipe published in a BBC Good Food insert a couple of years ago, but this recipe of his is very similar.

And this is not the usual role for a radish: front and centre, in the crunchy-tangy slatit fjill, or radish and lemon salad with capers, for which She preserved the lemons. Another adventure from the much-loved Medina Kitchen.

HE SAYS: The photo may not do it justice but the tagine was very tasty, and it's looking like there's enough left for another meal. It was nice to have couscous again since we've been on a rice kick for some time now. Love the salad, which includes my number-one favourite vegetable, the radish. The preserved lemon was tangy, salty, and tasty to boot.

SHE SAYS: Really enjoyed the tagine, but the lamb could have been more tender. May try lower heat and longer cooking next time. So pleased with the preserved lemons - they were brining for a month and I wasn't sure if they were properly pickled. (Oh, but they are.) Radish salad was a crunchy, refreshing treat.

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I Love Tagine. Such a wonderful comfort food.

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