Monday, 18 February 2008

18.02.08: Mediterranean salmon

Tomato heaven: He made Ramsay's Salmon with Mediterranean Flavours (studded with sundried tomatoes, basil leaves and olives), then whipped up some sundried tomato and basil pesto to toss with trofie pasta and pan-roasted red pepper and portobello mushrooms. Her Mardi Gras salad - mango, beetroot, cucumber, and spinach - looks on with envy.

HE SAYS: Lovely meal. Salmon was very tender and had a poached-like consistency. Pesto was not as intense as I had hoped, but there's some left over, and hopefully it will intensify in the fridge for next time. Overall very happy and will try the salmon again. Also, I love the beetroot.

SHE SAYS: This made a Monday evening much nicer. The unexpected combination of flavours with the salmon worked very well and made for a pretty plate. The pasta was cooked perfectly this time, and I thought the pesto fragrant and lemony. New odd-combo discovery: mango and Sweetfire beetroot make a delicious duo.


Miss Information said...

You know, I have been ruined for salmon since leaving Seattle...where I learned wild-caught salmon is the ONLY way to go. Completely different taste. Here in the Midwest it isn't easy to find wild, certainly not in a restaurant. Can you find it wild there in the UK?

N+D said...

Line-caught salmon from Scotland is available, I believe, though most of the time that's not what we're buying. With farmed salmon, I've noticed a difference in taste between organic and non-, for sure. All of the salmon here is much nicer than in N.O., and cheaper.

I know what you mean about being ruined. I feel that way about Gulf shrimp - the prawns over here are so sickly and strong-tasting by comparison, unless you get the very biggest and best every time. And I doubt we're ever getting it fresh, it's def. frozen.

We do have an excellent fishmonger where we live, though!