Sunday, 5 October 2008

04.10.08: Out to Samski's

Hearty good cheer and fresh, wholesome yumminess abounded on a visit to our pal Samski, who deftly prepared us all a supper of poached dill-flecked salmon, new potatoes, green bnz and broccoli...

...accompanied by a sumptuous dill mayo and butter (remains of fruity salsa and pistachio nibbles also shown)...

...all finished off with a wheat-free bramley apple-almond bake. Such heavenly refuge from the blustery night outside – we simply could not ask for more.

SHE SAYS: Exactly what I wanted after last nite's meatfest: a generous plateful of items both delicately delicious and nourishing. I'd forgotten about poaching salmon: the clean, bright flavour and firm yet moist texture of Samski's offering had me thinking I'll forswear the grilled version for a while in favour of this gentler method. Could not resist dotting the dill mayo on everything, though all the perfectly cooked veg had their own excellent flavours to offer. And how I was craving baked apples today - how did she know? Cinnamon sweet and almond-infused, the hearty bake went down a treat. Cheers all 'round!

HE SAYS: Samski came up trumps in the nosh dept. tonight. The salmon was cooked to perfection, very moist with a lot of herby flav-a-flav. The veggies were nice and springy, not a wilting green to be seen on my plate. Like Her, I also enjoyed slathering on the dill mayo with abandon. The pud was pure classic comfort food, cinnamon apples spell autumn to me. All in all a great night out - but in.

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