Thursday, 2 October 2008

01.10.08: Lemon chicken

He fired up the oven and cooked up the family fave of lemon chicken with the garlic green bnz, exquisa 'taters and lemon slices. A salad of watercress, spinach and rocket with avo, tomatoes, beetroot and sunflower seeds looked up from the rim.

HE SAYS: Ummm, not one of my best efforts, in fact it was a tad watery. I may have added too much oil and not enough salt. The garlic was representing and livin' it large but got a little burnt on top of the chix. The potatoes were not as fluffy as other varieties we've tried, either. The beetroot was as good as I remember (from a few days ago), it being, stil,l one of my fave salad veggies along with it's peppery pal, the radish.

SHE SAYS: Really, same as He said - it was oddly watery,
and the lemons weren't v. jammy - but still pretty good and garlicky, nonetheless.


Mallika said...

Do you make it with preserved lemons? I'm intrigued...

N+D said...

Hiya, nope, you just pile the chicken and veg over lots of lemon slices, and normally the lemons go all roasty and jammy after about an hour in the oven.

Here's the recipe: [food_realsimple_com]

We've preserved lemons, though, and it's incredibly satisfying. Haven't used them much lately, but see Her recipe for Lemony Artichoke Supreme here if you think you might like a quick way to use some up, and let us know if you like it. ;o) [dinner4deux_blogspot_com]