Sunday, 19 October 2008

17.10.08: Out to Belgo

They met up in town with a friend Joe and after trying to get a table somewhere else they decided on Belgo, home of the fruity beer, mussels and frités.

SHE SAYS: My enjoyment of the mussels classique - steamed with white wine, shallots and garlic in a cream sauce - was heightened by hunger developed over a forced march through Covent Garden in search of sustenance. Everything's packed on a Friday nite. Little morsels of shell-clad seafood may sound light, but there's a whopping great many of them, and halfway through my kilo I could have slowed down, but didn't. The sauce was mild but not bland, and 'cream' in this case does not mean 'thick', so it was sop-worthy. Dunking the thin frites in a tiny tub of mayo added to the indulgence and rib-stickin' satisfaction.

HE SAYS: I opted for the curry-infused mussels and enjoyed 'em. The mussels were not the curry sauce experience I envisioned but more the subtle, fragrant variety - stilll very fresh and tasty. We were extremely famished by the time we sat down and it was a good thing there was bread and hot crispy frités available to mop up the broth and satisfy our hunger pangs.

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