Monday, 20 October 2008

19.10.08: Out to Nando's

A leisurely stroll over the bridge led us to that temple of fast but not noxious food, Nando's. Above you see her typical order of the quarter chicken with two sides: coleslaw and grilled corn...

...while he opted for the half-chicken with chips and Spanish rice. Truth be told, He went and got an extra piece later on!

SHE SAYS: Nothing new to report here, it's that grilled flavour swabbed with some heat from the piri-piri sauce, plus the crispy sweetness of corn dabbed with some butter to help it slide down the chute. Coleslaw was not overly sweet, as I feared it might be, and wasn't too drowned in mayo. Decent filler, cheap and cheerful.

HE SAYS: Chicken n' chips was what I was hankering for and that's what I got. This place is basic no nonsense, no fuss, just fowl fulfilling fun. I especially enjoyed glugging the peri-peri sauce over the entire contents of my plate (I'm a hot and She a medium as far as heat goes in that dept). I found my corn to be too sweet but I was expecting it. Unfortunately there are no other sides that take my fancy so I'm left with no option but to go for it and sprinkle on some salt to try and stem the sugar rush.

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