Sunday, 7 September 2008

05.09.08: Chickpeas with cumin and sherry

Ok, so it's not quite a full week of the new...Friday saw us rushing back to embrace an old comfy fave (as you do, esp when it's chilly). He shook up a wokful of Nigella's chickpeas with cumin seeds, sherry and rocket, ever-so-softly boiled some eggs, and piled it all on top of some brown/wild rice with a dollop of ho-made harissa. Avo, radish, tomato and greens awaited a light sprinkle of leftover wasabi-lime.

HE SAYS: The chickpeas were not as soft and mushagood as they could have been. This was probably due to me not puttin' a lid on the pan. The eggs could have been cooked a wee more and the cumin seeds were a little burnt.
Oh well, the salad was a success, with the wasabi dressing making it a "can't lose" proposition.

SHE SAYS: Good enough to keep us from braving the rain in search of sustenance, but not the best batch ever - textures were a little firm, and the cumin seeds slightly overtoasty. Still, you can't beat a golden dollop of egg mixed with the minty-chilli-garlic triumvirate that is harissa goodness. Salad once again proved an excellent wasabi-lime conveyor.

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