Monday, 22 September 2008

21.09.08: Out to GBK

We can't resist a two-fer coupon, and this time we took note of the Sun-Thu limitation (unlike a previous occasion we'd rather forget). At ye olde GBK, She plumped for the 'New!' organic lamb burger simply dressed with mayo, tomato and lettuce, plus the 'New!' coleslaw of celeriac, spring onion, carrot and cabbage in vinaigrette. Going for bust, He spec'd out a blue cheese burger and chips.

HE SAYS: Hmmm, the blue cheese was actually blue cheese dressing (read: mayo overload) and not that great tasting. The actual burger was cooked medium and wasn't bad overall, but I much preferred the chips, which were hot and fluffy inside, crunchy-ish on the outside. The 'slaw was vinegar-based with no added mayo, which was a good thing, and I definitely tasted a hint of apple (perhaps cider vinegar or added juice). Anyway, the coleslaw may have tasted a little too sweet but was still tangy and tasty.

SHE SAYS: My med-rare organic lamb was tender and selectively charred for my pleasure, with judiciously light application of mayo (unlike some poshburger imposters that will drown a poor patty in not-so-special sauce). However, it was not worth £9.50 - nothing special in seasoning, size or obvious quality. Next time I'd go for the non-org Greek burger and ask for the hummus on the side. Coleslaw was apple-y fresh and sharp, but too sweet for my taste. I left feeling a little peckish still, and downed a small serving of Hula-Hoops once back home.

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