Thursday, 11 September 2008

10.09.08: Out to the White Horse Pub and sushi in Austin

She indulged in a gal's nite out at the White Horse pub, complete with knitting, chitchat, and the sharing of a cheese plate with a like-minded pal. Celery, grapes, green apple slices, a mix of poppyseed, onion and plain crackers, and some S. African Sauvignon Blanc made the evening veddy, veddy civilised.

SHE SAYS: This doesn't look like a lot for two hungry ladies, but sharing proved most satisfying. I'm not too proud to admit I sneaked most of the celery, as it was such a perfect conveyor for the blue and the Boursin-y cheeses. Unfortunately I forgot to record the types of cheeses from the menu, but I did note at the time that the bits and pieces produced didn't appear to match the menu too conscientiously anyway. In addition to the ones just mentioned, a sort of cheddar, a sort of brie, and two oddly mushroomy and (for my taste) far too mellow chunks of somethin' or other filled us up far better than you might imagine. Not special, but not bad, either, and terribly convivial.

HE SAYS: I was looking forward to a mini sushi-fest at Kyoto Downtown, here in Austin but was a little bit disappointed with what I chose. After receiving my 16oz Sapporo I was ready to order. Firstly, I got the Godzilla roll, no problem here. It was very tasty, lots of salmon, avocado and cucumber drizzled with spicy teriyaki sauce, covered with light tempura flakes.

Next I ordered a selection of sushi nigiri which was not too fantastic. I ordered the tamago (sweet egg) because I get this a lot and consider myself an expert on it's sweet eggy delights, this version was not bad, pretty good in fact. Sometimes it can be too dry, not this time. Next up, The salmon which I found was a little tasteless and the tuna a little underwhelming.

The hotate (scallops) were overly mayonaissy and a little bland for my taste. The miso soup was tasty with large blocks of tofu swimmin' around and a healthy share of seaweed but it was barely warm, tepid in fact.

The worst part of the meal was definitely the eel. I think I miss ordered and got the wrong type of eel, Anago (sea eel), because I was expecting the warm flamed variety with thick, sweet eel sauce, unagi (Fresh water eel), instead of the grey "fishy" tasting one with a pale watery sauce that I experienced.

A slight slip of the tongue can get you into a lot of trouble, it seems. I think I would give this place another go, I made a
bad choice and they may have been having an off night. The eel I think coloured my overview of the meal slightly, the service was good and atmosphere authentic. That eel though, it was disgusting.

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