Sunday, 21 September 2008

19.09.08: Sheesh Mahal takeaway

A proper celebration of the N+D reunion was in order, so We phoned up the Sheesh for some chicken tikka masala (as usual), channa bhaji (ditto), and muttar paneer (hey, that's new), plus some pilau rice. On the way back from picking up the feast, we stopped at M&S for some juice and poppadoms. She gave a nod to the need for something healthy by slicing some radishes and making a little bed of salad greens for all the saucy bits to recline upon.

HE SAYS: The Sheesh didn't disappoint, my regular CTM was nice and creamy, the chickpeas were velvety and satisfying, but I think I would've preferred a lamb dish instead
of the muttar paneer, which was only okay, as I agree with Her that is was a little too shweet and lacking in the taste dept. Salad was a refreshing and crunchy distraction and a nice touch to help stave off any chance of delhi belly.

SHE SAYS: The new pea-populated paneer dish had the same issues the Sheesh's saag paneer has: too sweet, and even more bland. Still, the mild sweetness was not an entirely unwelcome contrast to the smoky channa and spiky flavours of the chicken tikka masala. V. plain crunchy salad and plain crunchy poppas balanced all the tender textures of this big plate of cosy indulgence.

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