Monday, 22 September 2008

22.09.08: Grilled salmon, charred broccoli, and mash

Better than it looks: Salmon marinated in olive oil and a Mexican spice mix, then inadvertently blackened, anchored the plate while high-heat stir-fried broccoli coated in ho-made harissa shared space with fluffy salt-n-pepper-n-a-bit-of-butter mash. Salad of beetroot, pear and avo on leaves looked on.

SHE SAYS: The near-burn experience the salmon had actually sealed in the juices and didn't detract from the overall goodness, though perhaps we lost some spice kick. Harissa makes any veg a standout, and brocca benefits especially from the chili-garlic-mintiness. He pounded out the potats and gave us a clear winner in the comfort food stakes, esp with that touch of fresh-ground pepper tickling the tip of my tongue. Salad gave us a much-needed sweet, piquant note among all the salt-lickin'.

HE SAYS: Like Her, didn't mind the blackened quality of the salmon, it really was cooked just right. The broccoli was nice and spicy, stir frying really brings out its subtle flava, who boils broccoli these days? Mash was just right, not too stodgy and cloying, mmm, very tasty. I really enjoyed the pairing of the pear and beetroot in the salad, a fine shweet treat leaving no need for dessert.

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