Monday, 4 August 2008

01.08.08: Omelet and panfried potatoes

She felt just ambitious enough to add panfried mini new potatoes with chili flakes to the Friday nite omelet option, which featured rocket in place of the usual spinach along with mature cheddar slices and lots of fresh dill. Supercrunch salad packed in the rest of the leftover celery as well as radishes, plus lime-zesty beetroot and avo.

SHE SAYS: Our favourite pan is stil turning out golden omelets, but must say rocket doesn't mix in nearly as nicely as spinach, despite tasty cloaks of cheddar and dill. The less shouty spinach would actually add more in terms of flavour. Can't really go wrong with fried potatoes, though these did not crisp up as much as I thought they had. But the salad took over in the crunch department, and I thought the lime beetroot a nice tangy change from the Sweetfire variety.

HE SAYS: This omelet was not too dry and not too runny and the dill added the authentic French bistro feel. Agree with Her that the 'taters were not as crunchy as they could've been but
tasty nonetheless. Salad without beetroot? Oh no missus, not likely.

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