Thursday, 21 August 2008

21.08.08: Red prawn and mango curry

He rolled up his sleeves and cranked out the old fave from Nigella, complete with some multigrain rice and plenty of fresh coriander. A salad of rocket, beetroot, avo and radish supplied extra colour and crunch.

SHE SAYS: It smelled divine and the prawns were good and fresh, but it has to be said: I think he overdid it on the fish sauce and mebbe underdid it on the coconut milk, as this was a saltier and less balanced version than usual. Lest ye think I finger-wag, it must also be said that I ate it up good, til the last drop. Salad was much to my liking; it must be rocket season, b/c it's esp peppery and crisp lately. It's definitely radish season, as evidenced by the heat and snap of this venerable mustard family member.

HE SAYS: Like She says, not one of my better efforts. The curry is usually quite a bright orange but this one was had a little brownish hue. Too mush fish sauce was probably the culprit. It seems like a slightly off version of this curry is still not bad; needless to say I went back for seconds. Next up was the salad, which was a very nice light antidote to the rather stodgy curry and the radishes were simply delish mixed in with my fav salad fixin', shweetfire beetroot.

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