Sunday, 31 August 2008

29.08.08: Out to Sheesh Mahal

It's just the kind of Friday nite where you exhale, walk around the block, and plunk yourself down for comfort-inna-curry.
First up: the inevitable poppadoms with the sweet chutney, the minty coconut thingy, and the raita, with sliced onion standing by.

Pilau rice and - what else? - chicken tikka masala... (new!) king prawn pathia, billed as 'sweet, sour and hot', and, making a 2nd appearance, lamb rezalla ('fairly hot and sour').

SHE SAYS: Lamb rezalla is one serious curry, deeply flavoured and tender, with no hint of the cloying that affects some of their dishes (such as the saag paneer, otherwise a surefire fave in any Indian eatery). I don't know if I can resist ordering it from now on. The new prawn dish barely rates an 'enh', though; it almost tasted off, even, and was only saved by a hint of smokiness; the tomato sludge it sat in didn't add anything nice, either. Chicken tikka masala was as rich and creamy with that nice charcoaly taste offsetting the sweetness just so.

HE SAYS: The CTM was great, creamy and not too shweet. I agree with Her that the prawn dish was a little fishy tasting and I count myself lucky that I felt okay the next day. The lamb dish was probably the best thing on my plate, really quite a hot one but also very aromatic and satisfying. I missed the chickpea dish we usually choose but we were a little legumed out by the end of the week.

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