Sunday, 10 August 2008

09.08.08: Sheesh takeaway and salad

A Saturday nite spent hiding from the ridiculous wind and rain rattling the windows was made much cosier with a takeaway from the Sheesh Mahal: channa bhaji (chickpeas), prawn jalfrezi, chicken tikka masala, and pilau rice plus last nite's salad remains refreshed with a few leaves more than hit the spot.

SHE SAYS: Aaaah...methinks chickpeas are the perfect food, esp when bathed so richly in a smoky curry sauce! From my small scoop of the chicken tikka masala I gained half a star anise which I ended up sucking on like a lollipop at intervals throughout the meal - so mildy licorice-like and refreshing. The prawns in the jalfrezi were a bit briny, but I appreciated the full-on chili kick of the dish. Spearing salad in with the creamy offerings made it all feel unusually well-balanced and nourishing.

HE SAYS: I was very much in the mood for a tasty, hot curry and was not disappointed. Ordered just the right amount of food which is always a crapshoot. The chicken tikka masala was not too sweet (which is often is in other places), and it was creamy and moderately spiced. The prawn jalfrezi
was a little oily but had quite the spicy oomph that I was looking for. The chickpeas were fantastic and I could've had them on their own if I had to choose just one dish to have on my lonesome in a dark room with no friends.

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