Sunday, 17 August 2008

16.08.08: Out to Andrew Edmunds

Just when you thought the birthday was over...We gathered His family up for an intrepid evening of bowling, followed by fine dining at Andrew Edmunds in Soho.

She started with the buffalo mozz, serrano ham, rocket and herb salad, and He ordered the
carrot-orange soup.

Feeling like something hearty was in order, she had the raviolini filled with scamorza, accompanied by rocket and a tomato-herb-butter sauce. He opted for the swordfish...

SHE SAYS: I was a little apprehensive when our first waiter proved ridiculously standoffish ('no, we don't have soft drinks here, they don't complement the food,' he sniffed at my bro-in-law), but fotunately he was replaced with a much cheerier model by the time starters arrived. Though you can't tell by the photo, mine was generous in its light yet creamy mozz, and I tried to spoon the tiny green herby-grainy mounds dotting the plate into each bite. I had no idea what scamorza was, but quickly divined it was a v. smoky cheese of some kind. My main was v rich and tender, if not at all subtle. Not sure what made my ravioli qualify as 'ini' as they were all quite large, but I'm not complaining.

HE SAYS: I enjoyed the soup very much, not too sweet, not too thick, but just right. The swordfish was a big ole one, fresh and delicate tasting. Underneath the chunk o' fish were some stewed veggies and some toasted bread to mop up the juice. Mine also came with an herb butter which I proceeded to slather over all surfaces to great taste effect. Overall a very nish night out, ending the birthday festival off nicely.

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