Monday, 4 August 2008

03.08.08: Out to Wahaca

Surely there's no better way to top off a demonstration at the Spiritualist Association with return dinner4deux guest Samski than to seek out some seriously great Mexican food? Nay, we say, and hopped an indulgent black cab thru the downpour to Wahaca, where chunky guacamole, salsa verde and chipotle sauce awaited fresh tortilla chips.

Samski made the excellent choice of the Sonora salad, with diced avocado, smoky black beans, pumpkin seeds, cos lettuce and green rice served in a crispy tortilla bowl...

...while We each plumped for the slow-cooked pork burrito, with black beans, shredded cabbage, green rice, crema & totopos. Wait...are We really about to forget the three classic margaritas plus one mojito that kept the table jolly? T'would be a shame.

Actually, I ordered the Coloradito mole enchilda first, but the server brought out a small dish of the sauce to try and it was much thinner and more tart than I expected. I guess a lot of people are disappointed, b/c our attentive server was ready to take my changed order before I touched spoon to lips. Then I panic-ordered same as Him. No matter: the tender, tasty, deeply-flavoured pork (not salty or tangy, just some savoury in-between) was outtasite, the tortilla crispy and hot. I could only have wished for a sprinkling of salad to bring some balance to the meat-and-starch equation, and with that in mind I cast a few envious glances in Samski's direction!

HE SAYS: Before the food came out I was a little concerned that the pork burrito would not satisfy my hunger, but was quickly put at ease by the generously stuffed wrap that lay before me. The pork was like She said, very satisfying although I thought it was more tangy then She did. The only gripe I had was the lack of enough or any cheese in the mix, we def. ordered it with, so was a little disappointed that I couldn't taste any. The margarita and mojita help dampen my disappointment and I went happy and content and a little giddy into the foul weather outside.

SAMSKI SAYS: [coming soon!]

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