Monday, 25 August 2008

25.08.08: Grilled lambchops with roast aubergines and tahini sauce

She cannot resist saying, 'Hey! Check out the grill marks!' It seems after 3 or 4 goes, the spesh grill pan is finally, um, earning its stripes with these li'l lambchops marinated in rosemary, olive oil and a mysterious Mexican-y spice mix lounging on the kitchen shelf. Sides of couscous with ho-made preserved lemon bits and coriander, plus Nigel Slater's roast aubergines with tahini filled out the plate, while a simple green salad with raspberry infused beetroot stood by.

SHE SAYS: Enh. The chops were good, but an attempt at a red-wine reduction just, well, fizzled, apparently. Still, I managed not to overcook the chops, and they were tasty enough. The couscous was fluffly and intensely flavoured with the lemon - all good.

The aubergines, though, were not so yummy. The tahini we bought in a rush yesterday I suspect was made with roast sesame seeds, given its tan colour and heightened flavour - not a bad thing, except it made the sauce look like peanut butter. Also, though this intrigued me before I tried it, cardamom is a shockingly bad choice of spice for aubergine. Shame on you, Nigel! New beetroot was okay but not anything to sing and dance about. An odd dinner, all things considered.

HE SAYS: It's a good thing we had loads of chops because they didn't have much meat to them. But they were tasty, with the marinade offering a smoky, spicy kick. The aubergines were interesting but not that appetising, the tahini sauce seemed not to work with the roasted veg and it just seemed a little out of place on the plate. Agree with Her that the raspberry infused beetroot was nothing special and I detected an artificial aftertaste which was neither expected nor apprieciated from me, beetroot's biggest fan.

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