Sunday, 17 August 2008

14.08.08: The Pesto and the Pea Risotto

Before We set out for an unusually late school nite, He cooked up the Milanese risotto with plenty of fresh basil and judicious application of Her ho-made pesto (the frozen mass quantities are steadily decreasing!). A herby watercress, physalis and tomato salad looked on.

HE SAYS: It was my first time making this new fave dish of ours. It tasted like it has previously: savoury, rich, with an almost gravy like sauciness, which was a relief as risotto rice is easy to screw up and make lumpy and porridge-like if you take your eye off it. The salad was elegantly thrown together with the physalis, which worked the tang, sweet thang rather marvelously, I must say.

SHE SAYS: A much nicer and rib-stickin' fuel-up than I was expecting before we dashed off to meet friends in Isle of Dogs. I think We both prefer to cook off more wine than the recipe suggests (1 cup), but we only had just enough. Still deeply satisfyng and saw me thru te next, um, 6 hours!

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