Sunday, 17 August 2008

15.08.08: Magic lentils

She was so ready for some easy comfort food after some truly pressurised workdays; hence the return of the coconut dal. The salad with radish, lime-zested beetroot, cherry toms, and grated carrot rmade a complementary colour sensation.

SHE SAYS: That familiar feeling of 'ahhh' enveloped me as I took the first creamy bite, and hypnotised me into having seconds - it was Friday nite, after all. I might have done better to save some, and had I but savoured the tart cool crunch of the salad before refilling my bowl, I might have done.

HE SAYS: Nice to have this supreme red lentil dish back on the schedule. This dish is so creamy and delish it's a wonder why we don't eat it every day. Oh yeah, I forgot, it gives you a bit of a gas problem if consumed in mass quantities but what's a little flatulence between friends and lovers? The
day-glo orange stringy carrots and ruby red beetroot provided the rainbow coloured spectacle of the evening, mmm-mmm-good.

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