Wednesday, 3 December 2008

02.12.08: Pizzas n' burgers

She had to work late so they went their separate ways for dinner tonight. She was stuck eating office pizza with co-workers while He ate at home. His plate consisted of two burgers with melted mature cheddar and English mustard mayonnaise on toasted green olive ciabattas. An M&S edamame soya bean salad with chili and coriander dressing rounded His plate off nicely.

SHE SAYS: Sorry folks, I just couldn't bring myself to explain to 1/3 of the office why I would take pics of the dreaded Pizza Express pies in their greasy boxes. Actually, I was starving, so it didn't seem as offensive as usual; the sausage and pepperoncini pizza stood out slightly above the rest, which do not deserve mention. I also sampled a bit of the mediocre dough balls that came with cups of garlic margarine, holding out faint hope...but enh. Anyway, it sustained me thru a mildly entertaining evening of sewing up Uglydoll-like xmas pressies for our clients. Had I known what He was having for din-dins, I might have held out.

HE SAYS: I swear, I wasn't trying to make Her jealous or miss out on Her new appreciation of all things meaty, but it just so happened I fancied a burger while she was out. The mayonnaise was frisky with the English mustard addition and helped to moisten the bites of the crusty ciabattas – which, by the way, were also M&S and also tasty. The salad was a crunchy affair and was helped out by the great dressing, which was all things shweet n' spicy.

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