Sunday, 7 December 2008

06.12.08: Magic lentils redux plus meatball pasta bake

Her leftover magic lentils casting a spell over the salad
By a twist of fate, or perhaps a hole in the space time continuum, He and She were home together but ate different meals. She indulged in the leftover lentils from the nite before while He overindulged in a beef and pork meatball penne pasta bake from Waitrose. In a mark of defiance, They shared the same salad of mixed leaves, beetroot, avo, tomato, carrot and a special guest star - baked butternut squash seeds.

SHE SAYS: A few shakes of hot sauce and I was set to be satisfied. I was even looking forward to these leftovers, as I have a stinkin' cold, and this sort of thing, with its unobtrusive flava and soft textures, goes down easy when you're feeling poorly. Unexpectedly, I also craved the salad once I chewed a radish or two. Normally I don't want anything cold and moist when my throat is sore and my nose is stuffed up, but I went back for greedy scoops of the green and purple and pink. The seeds were ok, not my crunchiest batch ever despite plenty of toasting time, and a little more strongly squash-flavoured than I would like.

His cheesy meatball pasta bake threatening the dainty veggies
HE SAYS: A little overindulgent on the pasta bake, methinks. The colour was a few shades short of being fluorescent orange and the sauce was a little on the shweet side for my taste. But, it was very tasty despite these minor quibbles. The meatballs were the main attraction, I haven't had any such things in a long time, I think I may have been missing out 'cause these were only store bought but still Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy (and bountiful). The cheese quota didn't hurt either. The salad I feel was healthy and virtuous enough to not only ward off the evilness of the bake but also reverse its effects on my colon – that's my story, anyway.

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