Monday, 1 December 2008

29.11.08: Party food

Deadly elderflower martinis
We're lucky in Our friends. One luvvly couple turned 40 this year - one in June, and one this weekend - and they both had the good grace to throw a swell booze-up and invite all their pals. Their last party had Us primed and ready for a smashin' nite out, and in that we were not disappointed.

Sticky wings
A selection of spesh cocktails were shaken and stirred all nite long, while party treats were promptly popped in 'n' out the oven by the brave hired help. (Brave, We say, b/c there was a small mob of greedy folk (Us included) waiting to pounce every time they put on an oven mitt.)

Hot hot hot: mini pizzas
HE SAYS: It may of been considered rude to hover over the servers in the kitchen waiting for hot and tasty treats to emerge from the oven but We did anyway. The mini pizzas were good and fulfilled their role of quenching my alcohol-induced munchies until the next plate emerged. I also enjoyed the wings and especially the 'tater skins, which were light on the load but thankfully heavy on the bacon.
The even hotter potato skins
SHE SAYS: I haven't had a baco-tater skin since my last trip to Fridays, which is beyond my immediate recall, and I rather guiltily enjoyed this pipin' hot reminder. I think the sweet sticky wings were the best, but I only managed to snag one such morsel. Mini pizzas were just what you expect, and I palmed one at every opportunity.

Divine strawberry cream cake
The cake was the real standout here: incredibly fresh strawberries and cream nestled in a light sponge draped with marzipan. It was like the ultimate strawberry shortcake slice, not too sweet ,and perfectly moist. (I had two. That's all I'm admitting to, anyway.) Overall I was a little underfed, but well-libationed, downing rather more than my fair share of elderflower martinis. Va-va-voom!

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