Saturday, 6 December 2008

05.12.08: Magic lentils with beetroot, radish and avo salad

They both had cravings for some vegan comfort food, and voila! This family fave was rolled out by Her once more, to great applause. A mixed leaf salad of avo, radishes and sweetfire beetroot crept into shot.

HE SAYS: The magic in the lentils tonight was not as powerful as previous go rounds. I suspect it could have been the cheapo coconut milk I picked up at the store. The spice factor was a little subdued and there was a subtle "playdough" type tang to the bowl that was either emanating from the coconut milk or a made-up mental tic going 'round my mind. Still, a merely okay magic lentils dish is still a better-than-average meal compared to some average meals of some average people. The sweet, peppery and crunchy combination of the beetroot and radishes in the salad again managed to cause a stir in salad fixin' community. The avo was a little miffed.

SHE SAYS: Mostly agree with him – this was not a stellar batch, but I'm not sure the coconut milk was at fault. Possibly it was the aged curry powder (We're onto a new box next time), or the broth was a bit weak. I didn't detect the strange tang He did, but I won't quibble – it was all a little off. Texture still shone through for its contrast of creaminess vs the sweet and slightly firm onion bits.

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