Friday, 12 December 2008

08.12.08: Nigella's red prawn and mango curry with a tomato and beetroot salad

Deja-who? He decided on a quick 'n' easy one to put together tonight: Nigella's curry which included all the usual good stuff plus some baby corn, too. A new seasonal, mulled wine (or Glögg to Our Nordic readers)-infused beetroot plus tomato relaxed and took it easy on top of some watercress salad.

SHE SAYS: This was a really good batch - not too fish-saucy, and the prawns were nice and tender, with just enough bite. A little heavy on the curry paste, and too spicy for my delicate constitution, but v tasty and satisfying. Baby corn was a decent add-on, though not something I'd go out of my way for in future. Agree with Him the seasonal beetroot was delish, though I'm not a fan of the tomato-beetroot combo.

HE SAYS: It was as good as ever, you can't go wrong with this one (well maybe if you add too much red curry paste, which didn't happen here thankfully). The baby corn cooked a little too much and didn't add much apart from bulk. I'm enjoying the new beetroot in the salad a lot, the mulled wine spices perking things up in the salad bowl, ooh yeah.

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