Monday, 1 December 2008

28.11.08: Re-run of risotto and lasagne episodes

Does what it says on the tin: He had yesterday's risotto while She heated up Wednesday's lamb lasagne. Good plan for a Friday nite, yes?

SHE SAYS: Same as Wednesday, though I don't think it improved in the fridge as some casserole-type-things do. Although it's a shame He didn't enjoy it, I'm quite pleased to have all the leftovers to myself (the rest will play a lunchtime role, Methinks).

HE SAYS: Unlike Her meal, I think this risotto benefited from a night out in the fridge with its food friends and seemed to mature a bit in flava and gooey loveliness. I remembered to sprinkle some parmesan to top it off nicely. A salad of sweetfire beetroot, avo, pear, carrot and mixed leaves left me fulfilled and extremely satisfied.

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