Monday, 10 November 2008

01.11.08: In-N-Out Burger, San Diego, CA

His double cheeseburger deluxe with fries
It's a dream He's treasured ever since reading about it in Fast Food Nation: to dine at one of only two(?) fast food chains even Eric Schlosser could approve of, CA's In-N-Out Burger. There was only one catch: She doesn't eat beef. And they don't do chicken.

A brief negotiation ensued. She protested She could just have some fries and get a snack elsewhere if needed. He protested that it wasn't a full meal, and he didn't want to drive farther in search of more food at 9pm if She still had an appetite (admittedly likely). She prevailed...and there was a surprise yet to come!

Her reg'lar cheeseburger - first ever!
SHE SAYS: That's right - I succumbed! Fully, happily, greedily. I started out with the fresh-cut, all-potato fries, but kept eyeing His double whammy of a burger. Gosh, but it smelled good! So...I had a taste. And then, as if my tum exerted a will of its own, I found myself at the counter inside plunking down $2.10 for my first-ever (ever!) full-fledged cheeseburger (no onions, thankyou).

It was chargrilled, not overdone, and pleasingly coated in some very American cheese. not too salty, not drowned in sweet relishes and ketchup. It was actually better than some so-called gourmet (lamb) burgers I've had. The fries were a little dry, but purely potato - no sugarcoating going on here. I don't think I'll be seeking out more beef for comparison, tho'; in In-N-Out I trust!

In-N-Out vs Mickey-D's!
HE SAYS: It may look a little like a Mickey-D's, but the burgers are a lot better. The limited menu gave me no choice but to sample their double cheeseburger deluxe and freshly cut fries. I went back for a single cheeseburger just to fill out the edges and that also satisfied my burger craving. I espesh liked the crispy onion and lettuce garnish that came with. A cheap and easy eating solution. Why can't all fast food be this fresh and good?

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