Monday, 10 November 2008

31.10.08: Kiki Sushi, San Diego, CA

Nothing spooky about the offerings at Kiki Sushi, tho' raw food on Hallowe'en is entirely appropo. Nothing fancy about the locale or location, either, but it was nice to sit outside on the deck and watch the revelers parade by (pirates are a big theme in a city by the bay, doncha know). And now, on with the show:

Salmon and tuna sashimi
Veggie roll: cuke, avo, some kind of mushroom stuff, sesame
Eel roll
Tomago (egg, for Him)
Crunchy roll: shrimp, crab, tempura crumbs

HE SAYS: The sushi was pretty good, not spectacular. Highlights for me were the tomago, which was better then most, moist and not too shweet, and the crunchy roll, which looked pretty, had loads of crunchiness to it and gooey crab filling.

SHE SAYS: All quite good, with the crunchy roll standing out for its juicy shrimp. I didn't care for the mushroomy bit in the veggie roll, but it was more than passable, and at least half of it passed my lips.

The salmon sashimi was far better than the tuna, with the languorous mouthfeel provided. Tuna was a little oceany, but again, passable. Eel in the roll was warm, flaky and sweet, not bad, but nowhere near as good as the ho-made kind. All in all, I was satisfied if not blown away as I'd hoped to be by CA sushi.

Best bit: The thousands (I kid you not) of costumed cyclists flooding the road, weaving between the cars, guarding the intersection expertly in the wildest occasion of Critical Mass we've ever witnessed - and all while deciding on the next piece of sushi to munch. Live footage from MasonMaysun above (we were dining in Hillcrest, but didn't make it into the frame).

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